Monday, 19 December 2011

Temperature Rising

Title: Temperature Rising
Author: Souya Himawari
Media: Just Manga. Happiness Recommended is technically the first in the 'series', however Temperature Rising is strong enough as a stand alone.
English Release: Yes. It's available from Waterstones.

The description of this novel makes it sound dirtier than it really is. Prostitution is a feature here, but Temperature Rising is actually quite light on the palette. Some of the scenes are steamy and the general storyline is a little overused. This manga sits somewhere in the middle ground of hard and softcore.
Finally, if you like your school settings, then this a definite read.


Unique. Enough said.
The characters were very hard to tell apart and to make things even worse there is a set of identical twins (one of whom is the main character). By the end of the reading I was still confused but I was willing to overlook this.
At times the artwork is a little strained, but the rounded features make for a pleasant change to other styles.


As I mentioned, we have prostitution and a school setting. That's at least the majority of 'got to read this!' manga criteria already ticked for me. For those of you wanting a little more substance, Temperature Rising can also deliver.
The story is told from the point of view of the Seme. He is in love with his best friend at school and is shocked to find out he is selling his body to provide for his army of brothers. The history is that Mizumo is one of several brothers, abandoned by their mother and father. They have very little money to survive, and so Mizumo turns to using his 'natural talents' to bring the bacon home, as it were. His friend, Minori, is not best pleased with Mizumo's money making ideas and uses his allowance to pay for Mizumo's affections. However, Minori's intentions are not all pure as he harbors deep feelings for his friend.


Not much development here.

Mizumo refuses to rely on others for help and insists on providing for his brothers. However he is rather pushy and has no inhibitions in taking the lead when it comes to sex.

Minori is seemingly quite happy to be bossed around, and has a hugging complex.

For supports there is Mizumo's cast of six(?) other brothers and a couple of other students. But as a one shot it tends to focus heavily on the main two and doesn't waste much time creating a world of other people.

It didn't take me long to read and as usual I was left seriously wanting more. As a result I picked up Happiness Recommended, which technically comes before Temperature Rising, but I was left bitterly disappointed with that. As a result I can strongly recommend Temperature Rising, but don't look much further than this.


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