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Title: Sukisyo
Status: Complete (12 Episode Series)
English Release: None.


Different websites claim the beginnings of Sukisyo happened in different orders. A BL game that spawned a TV series and short Manga, or the other way around, Sukisyo has a fair amount of material to keep fans busy for a time. Apart from the games, there isn't anything here too disturbing for light yaoi fans and for hardcore viewers Sukisyo can be a refreshing tickle. However, the lack of action in the bedroom department left me feeling frustrated and often shouting at the monitor for more.


The manga's artwork varied greatly from the anime series. At times the panels felt a little sloppy and rushed as far as characters were concerned. For the most part the backgrounds have been lovingly rendered in good detail which added life to each scene.


Without being able to confidently confirm where it all began, I will simply refer to the anime coming before the manga for the sake of ease (I watched it first, see!).

The manga's storyline differed greatly from the anime and I was overall rather disappointed with the reading. Here the two room mates find themselves forced to act out a play (Swan Princess), and their struggles to overcome various obstacles leading up to performance day.
That's pretty much it, folks.

The anime tackled things slightly differently, and opened brilliantly with some subtle bedroom action that also served to introduce us to the main two and their situation. The storyline in the anime is more of a sideline to the manga. Over twelve heart warming episodes we are slowly fed the main plot, whilst being distracted by the side events produced by the 'School Do-It-All Team'. When the main plot finally kicks in it is typically late in the show.

As I have said before, there is nothing heavy/hardcore here and it makes for pleasant viewing.


There are two main characters and three support.

Sora is the main, blue-haired lead. A little hot headed and quick to anger he has trouble remembering his past. Though nothing mold-breaking here, Sora is a fun character and I found myself quite attached to him.

Alongside Sora is Fujimori. Obviously more effeminate with equally outrageous hair colouring, Fujimori is more serious and contained than his counterpart.

The two contrast well together and the supports provide a variety of interactions seemingly aimed at bringing the two closer together.

The Series

As I have mostly covered both parts together, here I will take the time to talk about the voice actors.
There was a good cast used here and in my usual way, I recognized Sora's voice actor in an instant. Those of you familiar with other popular series (if you don't know the following titles, go, now! Experience for thou art lacking!) such as Kirepapa and even Togainu no Chi, will also recognize Modorikawa Hikaru's distinctive voice.

The series was well acted and the characters really came to life.

The Game

I understand there are two versions; the hardcore, and the softcore. I sadly have access to neither and am therefore unable to comment further, really. However, I do believe it focuses heavily on Sora's and Fujimuri's past.

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