Monday, 19 December 2011

Temperature Rising

Title: Temperature Rising
Author: Souya Himawari
Media: Just Manga. Happiness Recommended is technically the first in the 'series', however Temperature Rising is strong enough as a stand alone.
English Release: Yes. It's available from Waterstones.

The description of this novel makes it sound dirtier than it really is. Prostitution is a feature here, but Temperature Rising is actually quite light on the palette. Some of the scenes are steamy and the general storyline is a little overused. This manga sits somewhere in the middle ground of hard and softcore.
Finally, if you like your school settings, then this a definite read.


Title: Sukisyo
Status: Complete (12 Episode Series)
English Release: None.


Different websites claim the beginnings of Sukisyo happened in different orders. A BL game that spawned a TV series and short Manga, or the other way around, Sukisyo has a fair amount of material to keep fans busy for a time. Apart from the games, there isn't anything here too disturbing for light yaoi fans and for hardcore viewers Sukisyo can be a refreshing tickle. However, the lack of action in the bedroom department left me feeling frustrated and often shouting at the monitor for more.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Okane ga Nai


Manga: Okane ga Nai (No Money)
Artist: Tohru Kousaka
Author: Hitoyo Shinozaki
Status: Ongoing (8 volumes)
English Release: Not announced. Officially Japanese only.
Media: Okane ga Nai has a four episode OVA and a couple of drama CDs. It was originally a novel and has been adapted in to the Manga.

The Review


Come prepared. Okane ga Nai is not afraid to cross certain lines and as a result may leave some people cold. However, for those with the stomach to face it, Okane ga Nai is one saucy little manga. The Drama CDs are well worth a listen (good headphones are a requirement, ladies) and the manga has some quality yaoi scenes. 
Readers, you have been warned!